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Planet kids Playschool

Is a unique combination of a future ready curriculum and innovative methods of teaching help children discover the world from a whole new perspective.The course is the ideal way to ready your child for full school... and the future.

Homework Cafe

It provides your child with the right environment , assistance and encouragement to excel in the classroom. This programme transforms dull after - school hours spent on homework into an hour or so of discovery, fun, achievement.


It is the ideal way for your child to spend a few hours a day while you are busy at home or work. This programme incorporates an exciting mix of games and other fun filled activities to keep your youngling well supervised and highly entertained.

Reading and Writing

We allow children to explore books, read, tell stories, recognise letters and their sounds, play phonic games, sight read and expand their emergent writing skills.

Listening and speaking

We encourage children to express themselves freely while stimulating curiosity and imagination through communication.

Smart Hobbies

It is a specially designed programme that keeps kids entertained with a range of exciting creative activities such as dancing, playing the guitar and music.


Qualified and trained faculty
International curriculum
Excellent infrastructure
Small Student Teacher Ratio
Well stocked Library
Organised Educational Trips
Regular clubs
Service providing since 2001
Day care facility from 8Am to 8 pm